Best Countries to Visit in June

June is here, and the days are no longer pleasant. It is always too hot and humid to go out, whether during the day or at night. June is also the month of summer break and, thus, the ideal time to go (Read More) on a holiday, explore the world, and witness new cultures. During this month, countries prepare for the tourist season, and the most happening things like unique festivals and cultural events occur. Take a break from your routine life, pack a bag, and travel to one of these countries that are ideal for visiting in the month of June:

Here is the list of 28 Best Countries to Visit in June

1. Bhutan


Bhutan's lush green valleys come alive in June with vibrant flora and cascading waterfalls, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts. As the monsoon approaches, the country experiences occasional rain showers, enriching its landscapes and offering a fresh, misty ambiance perfect for scenic drives and treks. The flight from India is relatively short and affordable. For travelers from India, the reduced tourist crowds during this month ensure a more intimate exploration of Bhutan's monasteries, traditional festivals, and local markets. Moreover, the pleasant daytime temperatures complemented by cooler evenings provide a comfortable environment for soaking in the nation's rich culture and heritage.

2. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's west and south coasts transform with the onset of monsoons in June, creating dramatic seascapes and lush interiors. Travelers can explore the ancient city of Anuradhapura or the cultural epicenter of Kandy, which remain relatively dry and offer rich historical and spiritual experiences. Indian visitors often find a familiar yet distinct flavor in Sri Lankan cuisine, with dishes like hoppers and kottu becoming instant favorites. Wildlife enthusiasts can head to the national parks in the North and East, where the chances of spotting leopards, elephants, and exotic birds are high, even amidst occasional rain showers. Flights from India to Sri Lanka are short and affordable.

3. Kenya


Kenya, as it ushers in the dry season in June, becomes a prime destination for witnessing the early stages of the Great Migration, especially in the Maasai Mara region where vast herds gather. Safari experiences are heightened, with animals congregating around waterholes, providing ample photographic opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts. Indian travelers can also explore the coastal charm of Mombasa, where the Indian Ocean's azure waters meet white sandy beaches. Flights from India to Nairobi are available, but prices can vary. Additionally, the vibrant Swahili culture, infused with historical Indian influences, resonates in local markets, cuisine, and architecture, bridging the gap between familiarity and discovery.

4. Nepal


Nepal's landscapes in June are vividly accentuated with the onset of the monsoon, as terraced fields glow in varying shades of green. Although trekking in higher altitudes remains popular, travelers must be prepared for rain showers that can unveil a misty panorama of the Himalayas. Flights from India to Nepal are usually reasonably priced. For Indian visitors, the spiritual vibrancy of the Rato Machindranath chariot festival in the Kathmandu Valley offers a deep dive into Nepal's rich cultural tapestry. Furthermore, the bustling bazaars and alleys of cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara provide a melange of shopping experiences, from traditional handicrafts to delicious Newari cuisine.

5. Cambodia


Cambodia's landscapes in June shimmer with the onset of rains, bringing about a renewed vibrancy in the terraced rice paddies and lush jungles in June. The iconic Angkor Wat, draped in a mystic ambiance with fewer tourists, presents a serene experience, while flights to Siem Reap are accessible from India, making the ancient temple complex easily reachable. Phnom Penh's bustling markets and colonial architecture provide a captivating urban exploration. Additionally, Indian travelers can relish the unique Khmer cuisine, which, though distinct, shares subtle culinary nuances with Indian flavors.

6. Indonesia


Indonesia, with its tropical charm, is at its best with clear skies and pleasant temperatures, making island-hopping between Bali, Lombok, and the Gili Islands a sun-soaked pleasure. Dive enthusiasts can plunge into the vibrant marine life of Komodo Island, while surfers catch consistent waves along Bali's eastern coast. Balinese festivals, with their intricate dances and vivid ceremonies, offer Indian travelers a unique insight into the archipelago's rich cultural heritage. Moreover, the bustling markets of Jakarta provide a juxtaposition of modernity and tradition, ensuring a diverse experience for every explorer.

7. Malaysia


Malaysia in June offers a blend of tropical allure and cultural festivities, as the capital, Kuala Lumpur, with its iconic Petronas Towers, serves as a hub for shopping festivals and culinary delights. The pristine beaches of Langkawi and Penang provide a sun-soaked retreat, while the UNESCO-listed George Town showcases a fusion of colonial and local heritage through its vibrant street art and architecture. Amidst June's relatively dry days, the rainforests of Borneo come alive with wildlife, presenting an unparalleled opportunity for eco-adventures and orangutan sightings.

8. Morocco


Morocco, with its diverse landscapes and rich culture, reveals a vibrant hue in June as the temperatures start to rise, painting the Sahara in warm golden tones. The coastal cities of Essaouira and Casablanca offer a breezy retreat, making them ideal for savoring fresh seafood by the Atlantic coast. For Indian travelers, the bustling souks of Marrakech and Fes beckon with their myriad of spices, crafts, and textiles, reminiscent of the bazaars back home yet distinctively Moroccan. As the evenings cool, June nights become perfect for exploring the historical medinas or indulging in traditional Moroccan cuisine under starry skies.

9. Vietnam


As Vietnam embraces the summer month of June, the north experiences warm weather, making it an ideal time to explore the terraced rice fields of Sapa in full bloom. Meanwhile, central regions like Hue and Da Nang receive intermittent showers, casting a refreshing ambiance over ancient temples and colonial streets. Flights from India to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City are often affordable. For Indian travelers, the southern parts, including Ho Chi Minh City, remain relatively dry, perfect for delving into Vietnam's rich history and indulging in delectable street food. Whether it's cruising along Halong Bay or wandering through Hoi An's lantern-lit evenings, Vietnam in June offers a blend of cultural immersion and scenic beauty.

10. Peru


June marks the dry season in Peru, presenting ideal conditions for trekking the Inca Trail to the iconic Machu Picchu, with clear vistas of the ancient ruins against the Andean backdrop. Cusco, once the capital of the Inca Empire, bustles with energy as it hosts the vibrant Inti Raymi festival, a grand reenactment of the traditional Incan sun worship ceremony. Meanwhile, the Amazon rainforest reveals its rich biodiversity, making June a perfect month for jungle excursions and river cruises, offering glimpses of diverse wildlife and indigenous communities.

11. England


England, draped in the full bloom of summer during June, becomes a haven for tennis enthusiasts as Wimbledon captures global attention with thrilling matches and time-honored traditions. The quaint countryside, from the rolling hills of the Cotswolds to the serene Lake District, is perfect for picnics, nature walks, and enjoying the golden hours of the long summer days. Cities like London bustle with outdoor events, riverside festivals, and open-air theatre performances, encapsulating the British spirit of making the most of the sunlit month of June.

12. Turkey


Turkey in June is a sensory delight, with Istanbul's bustling bazaars and historic sites like Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque bathed in warm summer light. The dreamy landscapes of Cappadocia become a hot air balloon paradise, offering panoramic views of its unique rock formations, while the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, from Bodrum to Antalya, beckon beach lovers and yachting enthusiasts with crystal clear waters. As the weather strikes a balance between spring's mildness and summer's warmth, June also becomes an ideal time to explore ancient ruins in Ephesus and savor the diverse Turkish cuisine at alfresco restaurants.

13. New Zealand

New Zealand

June heralds the onset of winter in New Zealand, transforming the Southern Alps and ski regions like Queenstown and Wanaka into snow-capped paradises for winter sports enthusiasts. Geothermal areas, such as Rotorua, become even more inviting with their steamy hot springs, perfect for a warm soak amidst the chilly backdrop. As the landscapes wear a frosty blanket, June also becomes a prime time for witnessing the ethereal Southern Lights in the southernmost parts of the country, painting the night sky in vibrant hues.

14. Denmark


Denmark's long, sun-drenched days of June create a lively backdrop for the country's vibrant Midsummer festivities, where traditional bonfires light up the coastal landscapes, and folk tales of magical creatures are shared. Copenhagen's canals and historic neighborhoods, like Nyhavn, are abuzz with alfresco dining, cyclists, and boat tours, celebrating the onset of Scandinavian summer. Meanwhile, the lush greenery of the countryside, dotted with fairy-tale castles and Viking relics, beckons explorers, offering a harmonious blend of Denmark's rich history and contemporary Nordic culture in June.

15. Finland


As Finland basks in the glow of the Midnight Sun during June, cities like Rovaniemi offer surreal 24-hour daylight, perfect for nighttime picnics or golf under the never-setting sun. The vibrant capital, Helsinki, comes alive with festivals and outdoor events, celebrating the brief yet cherished warmth. Amidst June's extended daylight, the national parks and lakelands provide serene canoeing, hiking, and camping experiences, embodying the Finnish essence of 'Sisu' and their deep connection to nature.

16. Alaska

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Alaska's expansive landscapes come alive under the midnight sun of June, offering unparalleled vistas of glaciers calving into deep fjords and wildlife roaming freely in places like Denali National Park. The rich waters of the Kenai Peninsula beckon anglers with the promise of salmon runs, while the vibrant indigenous cultures share their traditions at summer solstice festivals. Whether cruising the Inside Passage or hiking in the vast tundras, June unveils the raw, untamed beauty and diverse experiences that the Last Frontier has to offer.

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17. Japan


Japan in June is a canvas of vibrant hydrangea blooms, especially in places like Kamakura and Hakone, painting the landscapes in shades of blue, purple, and pink. As the early summer rains, known as 'tsuyu,' nourish the country, festivals like the Tsuyu-no-Tenjinsai celebrate the season with traditional performances and delicacies. Meanwhile, travelers can venture to the cool mountain regions or enjoy the bustling summer energy in cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, making June a harmonious blend of nature's beauty and cultural immersion.

18. Italy


Italy in June is a sunlit spectacle, with Venice's gondolas gracefully gliding through its shimmering canals and Rome's ancient ruins, like the Colosseum, standing majestically under the azure skies. The Tuscan countryside ripens with vineyards and olive groves, inviting wine enthusiasts for tastings and alfresco dinners, while the Amalfi Coast, with its cliffside villages and cerulean waters, beckons travelers seeking coastal charm. As festivals and open-air concerts enliven the country's historic squares, June also offers a taste of Italy's renowned gelato, perfect for cooling down on a warm summer day.

19. Spain


Spain's vibrant culture comes to the fore in June, with cities like Seville and Granada showcasing the passionate flamenco dances in historic courtyards and plazas. Barcelona's modernist landmarks, including Gaudí's Sagrada Família, gleam in the summer sun, while the sun-kissed beaches of Costa Brava and Ibiza become lively retreats for beachgoers and party enthusiasts. As tapas bars spill onto the streets and festivals like 'Hogueras de San Juan' light up the night with bonfires and fireworks, June perfectly captures Spain's zest for life and celebration.

20. Canada


Canada, bathed in the warmth of June, ushers in vibrant celebrations like the Montreal Jazz Festival, attracting music aficionados from around the globe. The majestic Rocky Mountains, stretching from Alberta to British Columbia, provide a scenic backdrop for hiking and wildlife spotting, while the coastal regions, especially Vancouver Island, come alive with whale-watching tours and kayaking adventures. As urban hubs like Toronto host lively patios and open-air events, the Northern regions offer the mesmerizing spectacle of the midnight sun, encapsulating Canada's diverse beauty and spirit in June.

21. Thailand


Thailand's lush landscapes receive a refreshing touch with the onset of the monsoon in June, making destinations like Chiang Mai ideal for witnessing cascading waterfalls and verdant rainforests. The islands of Phuket and Koh Samui, despite the occasional rain, offer stunning sunsets and quieter beaches, creating an intimate tropical experience. Amidst the vibrant street markets of Bangkok, where steaming bowls of Pad Thai are served under neon lights, the Phi Ta Khon Ghost Festival in the Northeast paints a colorful tableau of parades and traditional dances, capturing Thailand's rich culture and festivity in June.

22. Croatia


Croatia's Adriatic coastline glistens in June, with historic cities like Dubrovnik and Split offering a blend of medieval charm, sun-soaked terraces, and vibrant festivals. The azure waters around the Dalmatian islands, including Hvar and KorĨula, beckon sailors and beach enthusiasts for island-hopping adventures and alfresco seafood feasts. Inland, Plitvice Lakes National Park showcases its cascading waterfalls and crystalline lakes in full splendor, making June an idyllic time to dive into Croatia's natural beauty and rich heritage.

23. Greece


Greece's iconic whitewashed structures and blue domes of Santorini shimmer against the Aegean Sea in June, setting the stage for breathtaking sunsets and vibrant nightlife. Athens, steeped in ancient history, opens its archaeological treasures, like the Acropolis, to visitors under the balmy Mediterranean sun, while traditional tavernas come alive with music and dance. From the serene beaches of Crete to the bustling alleys of Mykonos, June offers travelers a taste of Greece's unparalleled blend of history, culture, and island allure.

24. Australia


As winter approaches the southern hemisphere, Australia's diverse landscapes transform in June, with the Great Barrier Reef offering clear waters for divers eager to explore its marine wonders. The snow-capped peaks of the Australian Alps become a haven for skiers and snowboarders, while the northern tropical regions, such as Queensland, maintain a warm allure, perfect for beach escapes and rainforest adventures. Meanwhile, Sydney's Vivid Festival illuminates the city with dazzling light installations, art, and music, making June a captivating month to experience Australia's multifaceted charm.

25. Mauritius

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Known For : Black River Gorges National Park Seven Coloured Earth of Chamarel Scuba Diving in Mauritius

Mauritius, with its balmy June weather, offers a serene escape where the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean lap against pristine beaches lined with swaying palms. While the island's west coast provides perfect conditions for water sports, including kite surfing and snorkeling, the cooler evenings become ideal for exploring the vibrant street markets of Port Louis and savoring Creole delicacies. As the sugarcane fields sway gently in the breeze, the Black River Gorges National Park reveals its lush green trails and cascading waterfalls, capturing the island's natural beauty and rich cultural tapestry during June.

Best Time: July to October (winter)

146 Mauritius Attractions

26. Argentina


As Argentina delves into its winter season, June brings snow enthusiasts to the Andean peaks of Bariloche and Mendoza, turning them into bustling hubs for skiing and snowboarding. The vast landscapes of Patagonia, with its glacial expanses and hiking trails, offer a quieter, introspective beauty under the crisp winter sky. Meanwhile, the vibrant streets of Buenos Aires come alive with tango festivals, allowing visitors to immerse in the passionate rhythms and dances, perfectly capturing Argentina's fiery spirit in the heart of winter.

27. France


France in June is a canvas of vibrant blooms and long sunlit days, setting the perfect scene for leisurely picnics by the Seine in Paris or sipping rosé in the lavender fields of Provence. The beaches of the French Riviera, from Nice to Saint-Tropez, buzz with sun-seekers and festivals, while Bordeaux's vineyards invite wine enthusiasts for tastings of their summer vintages. Amidst the backdrop of ancient chateaux and cobblestoned streets, the Fête de la Musique fills cities and towns with melodies, celebrating the summer solstice and France's rich cultural tapestry.

28. Switzerland


Switzerland's alpine meadows burst into a riot of wildflowers in June, providing a picturesque setting for hikers and nature lovers in regions like the Bernese Oberland. The serene waters of Lake Geneva and Lake Lucerne reflect the clear blue skies, inviting leisurely boat rides and lakeside picnics with views of snow-capped peaks in the distance. As cities like Zurich and Bern enjoy extended daylight, they host vibrant festivals, open-air concerts, and bustling marketplaces, making June a time to relish Switzerland's harmonious blend of nature and culture.

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